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June 24 to June 28
July 8 to July 12
July 22 to July 26
August 5 to August 9
August 19 to August 23

Beginner Camp: 9:00 to 12:00
Advanced Camp: 1:00 to 4:00

Total for one week of camp: $500.00

Please print and fill out appropriate
camp form - release and return
with deposit of $100.00.
In addition, you may call our office
at 973-697-1257 to request
a camp form and brochure.

Beginner Camp Form                                                   Advanced Camp Form

Echo Lake Stables is a facility built on 23 acres of land. The facility includes three barns, an outdoor riding arena, pond, and 100 acres of scenic trails through the wilderness. There is also a tack shop on the premises to meet every Equine Campers needs. There are 20 horses to choose from. There is plenty to do in the event of a rainy day. Our classroom includes a TV/VCR for educational equestrian movies.

Echo Lake Stables provides excellent instruction to students just learning to ride and teaches the finer points of horsemanship and equitation to the experienced rider. All levels of riding are carefully supervised and rules of riding safety are strictly observed.

Students are taught English and Western Riding on the basis of balance and confidence in their ability. Campers are given a mounted riding lesson every day along with an unmounted discussion on all aspects of horse care. Each camper will be assigned a horse/pony according to their ability and experience. They will care for and ride their mount each day. A trail ride and horse show will be held each week for campers only.

Campers are required to have riding boots or flat-soled shoes with a heel. All riders are advised to wear helmets. In addition, they should wear riding pants or loose fitting jeans.

Campers should bring a healthy snack and juice to drink. A soda machine is available.

Each session has a limited enrollment in order to give each student the individual attention this program is designed to give. To reserve a position, early registration is required. Applications will be accepted with a $100.00 non-refundable deposit.


BEGINNER CAMP                                                  ADVANCED CAMP

Day One                                                                    Day One:
Introduction to the horse                                           Horse safety
Horse safety                                                              Grooming
Grooming                                                                   Tacking
Tacking                                                                      Handling
Leading and handling
Mounting                                                                    Lesson One:
                                                                                    Ring rules
Lesson One:
                                                            Group riding
Stopping & steering                                                  Evaluations
Control in the walk
Ring safety                                                                 Day Two:
Dismounting                                                              Breeds
Day Two:
                                                                  Hoof care
Horse parts                                                                Visit from farrier (learning to shoe)
Markings & colors                                                     Caring for barn
Tacking & untacking                                                 Lesson Two:
Caring for equipment                                               Exercises for balance on horseback
                                                                                   Gymnastic exercises for horse & rider
Lesson Two:
Control at the jog/trot                                               Day Three:
Circles & reverses                                                   Caring for tack and equipment
Basic patterns                                                          Bits & bridles
Games on horseback                                              Lunging

Day Three:
                                                              Lesson Three:
Feeding & nutrition                                                  Control at the job/lope or trot/canter
Barn maintenance                                                   Patterns
Different disciplines                                                Trail ride
Trail riding                                                                Pole bending
                                                                                  Barrel races
Lesson Three:
Exercises on horseback                                        Day Four:
Various seats & saddles                                        Feeding & nutrition
Trail ride                                                                   Parasites & diseases
                                                                                  Injuries and first aid
Day Four:
                                                               Sickness & symptoms
Hoof care
Visit from farrier (sample shoeing)                       Lesson Four:
Injuries & diseases                                                 Skills test
Equine first aid                                                        Trail ride

Lesson Four:
                                                         Day Five:
Practice for show                                                     Preparing for a show
Gymkahana                                                              Bathing
Trail ride                                                                   Clipping
Day Five:
                                                                 Proper attire
Preparing your horse for a show
Bathing                                                                     Lesson Five:
Clipping                                                                    Horse show
Braiding                                                                    Gymkahana

Lesson Five:
Horse show

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